Kamaru Usman sees his Twitter hacked, but Conor McGregor not so sure

By Adam D Martin - January 19, 2020

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman saw his Twitter hacked during UFC 246, but Conor McGregor isn’t necessarily buying the story.


Usman’s Twitter account sent out several profanity-laced Tweets directed towards McGregor and his wife during UFC 246. At the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Usman’s Twitter was hacked.

Here’s what White told the media (h/t MMAjunkie.com).

“I called Conor. I said, ‘He got hacked. So don’t say anything, don’t do anything.’ Usman and Ali (Abdelaziz) are sitting right in front of where Conor comes out and does the thing. So the first thing I did was tell Conor that, and he didn’t believe it. He doesn’t believe he got hacked. But, we had no problems, so,” White said.

However, McGregor isn’t necessarily buying that. Ali Abdelaziz, the manager of Usman and several other prominent MMA fighters including Khabib Nurmagomedov, Henry Cejudo, and Frankie Edgar, is known for tweeting from his client’s accounts, and McGregor thinks there’s a chance Abdelaziz was behind these tweets from Usman as well.

“I’m pretty skeptical of that. I’m skeptical of that, because one came through early, and it had all the hallmarks of that little (expletive) weasel Ali. They give him control of the accounts. He had Frankie (Edgar’s) account, he had Henry (Cejudo’s) account. This has been going on a while. He gets it and write something through their thing. I’ve been in discussions with some of these athletes, as well, to try to come on board and help them out with that. Then the way it was written, I knew exactly where it came from, and now all of a sudden a little bit heavier ones then it became a hack job. Whatever. I don’t know what the (expletive) is going on tonight. It’s been a weird night. The two guys doing the mad stuff. I don’t know,” McGregor said.

Do you believe Dana White that Kamaru Usman had his Twitter hacked or do you agree with Conor McGregor that maybe that’s not the case?

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