Kamaru Usman issues scathing response to Nate Diaz

Kamaru Usman
Image: UFC on Instagram

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman has issued an ice-cold response to Nate Diaz.

Earlier today, Diaz took to Twitter to criticize the recently announced title fight between Usman and Gilbert Burns. Diaz’s gripe seemed to stem from a belief that Jorge Masvidal deserved a title shot before Burns.

“This is what’s wrong with people claiming they’re fighters settling for less cause they know they’re not worth shit,” Diaz wrote about the Usman vs. Burns fight. ”You should’ve fought the next guy in line, not the guy who would take less cause he’s told too. That’s why no one will remember you guys. This isn’t a title fight.”

Speaking on Twitter shortly thereafter, Kamaru Usman delivered an absolutely scathing response.

“Funny I didn’t hear you volunteering when they were looking for the next victim,” Usman began

“Your Bum Ass, the other ‘said guy’ [Masvidal] who just embarrassed your ass, and McNuggets Bum ass all ran and hid. So shut TF up and Sit TF down,” he added in a follow-up Tweet. “Oh and don’t forget to buy the PPV.”

Usman then continued, explaining why he believes Burns is a credible challenger for the welterweight title—and why Diaz is not.

“Let’s state some facts here,” Usman wrote, before outlining his points.

Your Bum Ass: 

  • L’s in last (5 of 9) in 8year span
  • 12 L’s Total
  • 1-1 in last 4 years
  • Refused to fight Woodley when offered title shot.

Said Guy [Masvidal]:

  • 13 L’s Total
  • L to Damian Maia Who was KO’d by Burns In rd 1
  • Embarrassed ur Bum Ass


  • 6 Fight win streak in less than 2 year span.
  • KO over Maia who defeated ‘said guy’
  • (50-44) domination over #1 WW Woodley who you turned down for a title fight
  • Burns Is a true martial artist and not all talk.

Finally, Kamaru Usman fired a parting shot.

“Bottom line, if you got double digit L’s shut TF up and sit yo Bum Ass TF down,” he wrote. “Oh and once again don’t forget to buy the PPV.”

What do you think of this fiery response from Kamaru Usman?

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