Jorge Masvidal responds to ducking accusations from Gilbert Burns

By Lewis Simpson - November 17, 2022

Jorge Masvidal has broken his silence after recent accusations thrown his direction by Gilbert Burns.

Jorge Masvidal

The former two-time welterweight title challenger responded in a big way after receiving multiple callouts and accusations from Burns. Burns has publicly stated that Masvidal has turned him down on numerous occasions.

Among his busy schedule, Masvidal took some time to post an Instagram video directed at Burns and invited the Brazilian to fight in England in March, when Leon Edwards is expected to make his first title defence against Kamaru Usman.

Jorge Masvidal unleashes on Gilbert Burns

“Sorry I’ve been missing,” said Masvidal. “Your boy has been spreading his words, doing his thing, making sure this country can be as safe as it can be. I love all of you left and right. Midterms (election) are over already, so I can focus on some other things like myself and being selfish, so I’m going to address this little b*tch, who I usually don’t have time for, but I’ll make some time for you today, Gilbert.

“Hunter (Campbell), when you hear this or see this, can you please tell this b*tch I never agreed to November, December or January. I’ve had court cases, I’ve had different things, a bunch of things, and I haven’t been able to decide who I got to fight. Now I got some much better news today, so guess what? If you want to get your ass whooped when Leon Edwards defends his f*cking belt in England, I would gladly beat the sh*t out of you, Gilbert.

“If not, shut the f*ck up, because you are a p*ssy, and you’re not going to do nothing when you see me on the street or when you see me in the cage – and we both know it. You’re going to ask for a picture when you see me in real life and say, It’s all bullsh*t, and it’s just for the pay-per-view.’ So shut the f*ck up.”

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Masvidal hasn’t been in action since his UFC 272 headliner with former friend, now rival, Colby Covington. The court case Masvidal refers to is likely associated with the charges Covington filed against him after being a victim of an assault outside of the cage.

Now life has slowed down for the 38-year-old, he is ready to strap on some gloves and get back to work.

“I’ve gotten some much better news on today, so guess what?” Masvidal shouted. “If you want to get your ass whooped when Leon Edwards defends that f****** belt in England, I will gladly beat the living s*** out of you Gilbert. If not, shut the f*** up.

“Because you are a p****. You’re not going to do nothing. When you see me in the street or when you see me in the cage, and we both know it, you’re going to ask me for a picture in real life and say it’s all bulls*** and it’s just for the pay-per-view. So shut the f*** up.”

The UFC are yet to announce the U.K card expected for March, but Edwards and Usman both have dropped hints that the promotion is leaning in that direction.

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