Joe Lauzon responds to Dana White’s comments about not re-booking Donald Cerrone fight; “For me right now, it’s Cowboy or bust”

By Josh Evanoff - June 22, 2022

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon still wants to fight Donald Cerrone, despite Dana White’s comments.

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‘J-Lau’ hasn’t been in the octagon since October 2019, when he defeated Jonathan Pearce. However, it hasn’t been for a lack of trying. The 38-year-old has had two fights canceled in the span of a month and a half.

Joe Lauzon was set to face Donald Cerrone at UFC 274 last month. The bout wound up being canceled on fight day, as ‘Cowboy’ came down with food poisoning. The UFC opted for a quick turnaround and set the two veterans for UFC Austin last Saturday.

Once again, on fight day, the matchup was canceled. This time, Lauzon had knee issues and was unable to make the contest. Following this cancelation, Dana White confirmed he wouldn’t book the fight again. The UFC president compared the matchup to the ill-fated Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson bout, which was canceled five times.

Now, during an interview on SiriusXM, Joe Lauzon hit back at Dana White’s comments. The UFC lightweight confirmed that he still wants to fight Donald Cerrone. While he understands White is disappointed the fight hasn’t happened, Lauzon is also upset.

Joe Lauzon

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“I definitely want this fight now. We spent too much time getting ready for Cowboy to not go and see it through. For me right now, it’s Cowboy or bust…. that’s the fight I want, I think that’s the fight he wants. I understand it sucks the way it’s worked out, and I’m sure Dana is upset with how it worked out. But I guarantee you Cowboy and I are way more upset because we’ve put in way more effort than the UFC has. I think it should still happen. I think just because it didn’t work the first two times, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work out the third time.” (h/t MMANews)

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