Jiri Prochazka says Dustin Poirier started Michael Chandler scuffle, jokes he “saved them” by separating them


Jiri Prochazka has given some detail about the verbal altercation between Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler.

At UFC 276, a video emerged of Poirier and Chandler yelling at each other and needing to be separated. Given the full conversation can not be heard, it was uncertain how it came together or what they were arguing over. Now, however, Prochazka who was right by the two of them did an interview and talked about how the scuffle came together.

“I was closest as I can, next to Dustin and he started to be aggressive, to talk some trash talks and all this stuff for the Michael (Chandler) and they start to talk together,” Prochazka said to Helen Yee. “Nothing surprised for me but I saved them (laughs).”

Prochazka confirmed it was Poirier who was the first person to say something, but he says it was quickly ended due to the UFC staff and himself breaking it up.

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Jiri Procházka
(via UFC)

“I just watched that and there was a guy from the UFC and they tried to fix it,” Prochazka added.

It wasn’t a surprise to see Poirier and Chandler go at it as the two have been vocal about one another in the past. Both men have taken shots at one another online and on social media so when they saw each other in person they got heated and it could lead to a fight in the future. But, luckily the light heavyweight champ was there to break it up as Prochazka said.

As for Prochazka, he is coming off the submission win over Glover Teixeira at UFC 275 to become the new light heavyweight champion. It’s uncertain what will be next for him but there is a chance he rematches Teixiera.

What do you make of Jiri Prochazka’s story as to what happened between Poirier-Chandler at UFC 276?

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