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Jeremy Stephens jokes about Drakkar Klose incident: “When I shove people, they don’t f*****g move”

Jeremy Stephens seems to have a light-hearted approach to his canceled fight against Drakkar Klose back in April.

At the faceoffs following weigh-ins, Stephens shoved Klose and it ended up injuring Klose and the fight was canceled. Since then, the UFC has made a rule that if you touch someone during their faceoff you are pulled from the fight so Stephens had to make a little joke about the situation.

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“When I shove people, they don’t f*****g move, you hear that, dude? I mean honestly after the fight, after that kind of went down, like I saw that, and like I really wanted to retweet it, but I didn’t, but it was just f*****g hilarious,” Stephens joked at media day.

Of course, Stephens is referencing his famous 2016 line at a press conference ahead of UFC 205. A reporter asked Conor McGregor who would give him the most trouble which Stephens jumped in and said ‘right here, right here, the hardest hitting 145lbs, the real hardest hitter 145er right here. This guy TKO’s people when I knock people out they don’t f*****g move.’

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It’s funny to see Stephens make a home of the situation. However, the shove did cancel the fight between him and Klose and Klose didn’t get a chance to get his win money. Yet, for Stephens, he says Klose brought the shove onto himself.

“The human side of me was like, you know, that maybe could have waited. But, you know, the primal side was like, ‘nah, f**k that, bro. You broke protocol.’ He gets right in my face and touches nose and nose, and to me, it was just like disrespect, bro. I’m showing up for a different reason. I was really showing up to really concuss him on Saturday night,” Stephen said. “I mean, call it brutal, what it is, but you watch my highlight tape. You know what I’m here to do, and to me, it was just disrespectful. Like we could have had it. We could have had a good fight.”

Jeremy Stephens will look to snap his losing skid on Saturday when he faces Mateusz Gamrot at UFC Vegas 31.

What do you make of Jeremy Stephens joking that when he shoves people, they don’t f*****g move?

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM
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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM