Israel Adesanya takes shot at Robert Whittaker on Twitter

Israel Adesanya, UFC 236, Yoel Romero

Israel Adesanya has taken aim at the current middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, mocking his heritage.

The Twitter image and caption posted by Adesanya mocks Whittaker ahead of their unification title bout intended for 2019. It can be assumed the post was made to promote the fight, cause a stir and put seeds of doubt in the mind of Robert Whittaker.

“Listen here…there is only one Whittaker that is made in New Zealand and it’s origins from Africa. You all are falling for his bullshit PR stunt he tried to pull coming over here like a politician thot tryna get likes. That’s gross, #staywoke #mememajesty.” – Israel Adesanya on Twitter

The twitter comment was followed by a picture of the Grim Reaper and Futurama character Bender (which is likely a reference to Adesanya’s nickname, “The Last Stylebender”) with the caption “I don’t start sh**.. I finish it.”

Some fans found the posts comical; others were not impressed by Adesanya’s seemingly unprovoked attack towards Whittaker.

Whittaker on the other hand, has rarely talked negatively about the middleweight challenger as Whittaker is confident he can outclass him in the Octagon. He has even gone as far as to compliment Adesanya.

During an interview with Newshub, Whittaker said, “He’s got great striking and a phenomenal fighter, but I just don’t think it’ll be enough…He’s well-rounded, but I’m going to bring lots of heat. There is a reason why I’m at the top, and I’m going to prove that.”

Whittaker also seemed perplexed by the comments regarding his heritage. Whittaker was born in New Zealand but raised in Australia, meanwhile Adesanya was born in Nigeria but grew up in New Zealand, so both fighters have ties to the Kiwi country.

During an episode on the MMA show with Ariel Helwani, Whittaker said: “Some things I think are ridiculous. Like when he says I’m a fake Maussie, a fake Aussie, a fake New Zealander. Like, that’s just ridiculous.”

What do you make of the comments back and forth between the upcoming opponents Robert Whittaker and Israel Adesanya?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 5/10/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM