Ian Machado Garry names the two opponents he’d like to headline UFC Dublin against

By Cole Shelton - August 28, 2023

Ian Machado Garry has an idea for who will be standing across the Octagon from him in the main event of UFC Dublin.

Ian Machado Garry

After Garry beat Neil Magny at UFC 292, he called out Stephen Thompson for a fight in November or December, which he believes will happen. Following that, the plan according to UFC president Dana White, is to bring the Octagon back to Ireland for UFC Dublin and have Garry as the main event.

With that being said, Ian Machado Garry already has two names in mind to be his opponent in Ireland.

“For me to be the best ever or to be considered the GOAT, I need to continue to grow my skill set and continue to prove it against some of the best. Now, a lot of people haven’t seen my grappling, they’ve only seen my striking,” Ian Machado Garry said to BJPENN.com. “They’ve only seen my striking because I’ve only needed to use my striking, that’s the beauty of this. I’ve been able to shut people down with strikes, I’ve been able to shut everybody’s wrestling down, nobody has taken me down, nobody has got me into a grappling exchange.

“When they do, they will see how good I am. I’m excited to prove my grappling, I’m excited to prove my jiu-jitsu against the likes of Usman and Colby for example who are the two best in the world other than the champion,” Garry continued. “So, let me go in there in a couple of months after I beat Wonderboy, let me get one of those guys as the headline of UFC Dublin. Let me show the world just how good I am and let me put on a clinic of what mixed martial arts looks like, striking, grappling, wrestling, let me show how to mix it all better than everybody. That’s what I’m excited for.”

If Ian Machado Garry can get Kamaru Usman or Colby Covington, he knows that would be a great test to prove how good of a grappler he is. He also knows whichever man he doesn’t fight in Ireland will likely be his next opponent, as he wants a slow build to a title shot.

“Why wouldn’t it be exciting to have one of those guys? Look, I believe three of my next four fights are Wonderboy, Usman, Colby and there will be one other guy in there. Then, I will earn my title shot, but that’s two years away for me,” Garry concluded.


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