Gilbert Burns explains why he has “nothing against” Colby Covington following “weird” conversation at a Casino in Florida

By Harry Kettle - January 23, 2023

Gilbert Burns has given his thoughts on divisional rival Colby Covington following a recent interaction down in Florida.

Gilbert Burns

In the wake of his win over Neil Magny, Gilbert Burns is ready to make another run for the title. Ever since coming up short against Kamaru Usman, he’s been dying to get back in the picture.

‘Durinho’, as we know, has been calling out Colby Covington for a long time. Up to this point, though, that match-up hasn’t quite come to fruition.

Following the Magny win, Burns provided some information on a run-in he had recently with ‘Chaos’.

“I looked at him, I (nodded) my head and he said, ‘Come here.’ I said, ‘Oh sh*t. It’s on.’ I walked to win and, I was ready,” Burns said. “I said, ‘What’s up?’ He said, ‘Yo, I’m a huge fan, brother.’ He was super cool. I’m pretty honest right now. I don’t have to lie. He was super cool. ‘Yo, I’m a huge fan. I’m a character. I just want to make money. I appreciate you. You have a beautiful family.’ He was super cool. It was even getting weird because he was (going) for over two minutes, ‘Bro, I like what you did your last fight.’ I’m like, ‘Man, look at this guy.’”

Burns interacts with Covington

“I have nothing against Colby,” Burns said. “I respect what he does, I don’t agree. You do whatever you want with that, helping you make a living or do whatever you want. But I want to become a champion. I believe I will become a champion. He’s the guy holding onto that position. Or he says yes to that ‘TUF,’ or March is going to be one year since he fought (Jorge) Masvidal. Kick that guy out of the rankings – out. Give me my position back. Belal beat Sean Brady. Before that, I don’t even know who he beat. Why’s he passing me? Come on. You guys that do the rankings, this guy is ducking me and doesn’t want to fight. Colby has to say yes, or take this guy out of the rankings.”

Quotes via MMA Junkie

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