Georges St-Pierre says Khabib Nurmagomedov fight “freaking excites me”

GSP, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Georges St-Pierre

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre admitted in a new interview that a matchup against Khabib Nurmagomedov “freaking excites me.”

Nurmagomedov will meet with UFC president Dana White this week in Abu Dhabi to talk about his fighting future. It’s expected that White will try and convince him to return to the Octagon fight Conor McGregor in a rematch should he beats Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. However, Nurmagomedov has said in the past that his one dream fight in MMA is a superfight with the legend GSP. White has also admitted that he likes that fight, though it ultimately comes down to both men signing the contract.

Speaking to “Tim and Sid,” St-Pierre was asked about White’s meeting with Nurmagomedov and what he thinks about a potential matchup. White had told Sportsnet’s Stephen Brunt earlier in the day that he would consider making the fight with GSP if Nurmagomedov said that’s the only fight he wants. Though GSP stopped short of saying that he is ready to come out of retirement and fight again, he admits that he is intrigued by this matchup and broke down how the two legends stack up.

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“It freaking excites me, man. Khabib is bigger than me. He’s a better weight cutter than me, probably, and I’m older than he is, and that plays too,” GSP said. “We need to know the terrain. It’s one of the principles of the art of war. I need to know if I fight in a place that he knows the terrain and I don’t, it’s an advantage for him. Right now it’s an advantage for him. I don’t have the structure to train, and he does. So there needs to compromise on both sides to make the fight happen.”

By “terrain,” St-Pierre is referring to what weight class the fight would take place at. GSP competed nearly his entire career at 170lbs and later fought at 185lbs, while Nurmagomedov has mostly fought at 155lbs. So if these two are going to fight, there needs to be some compromise on the weight. It sounds like both sides are interested in making this fight, and with White meeting Nurmagomedov soon, we will likely hear more about a potential fight with GSP in the next couple of days. The question of what weight class is important, but of course the money talks, too.

Do you hope the UFC books George St-Pierre vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov?

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