Francis Ngannou blasts MMA judges for robbing fighters of half their money: “Something needs to be done”

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UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou blasted MMA judges for robbing fighters of half their money, saying “something needs to be done.”

Ngannou recently came to the support of UFC women’s flyweight prospect Miranda Maverick, who universally was regarded as being robbed by the judges against Maycee Barber at this past weekend’s UFC Vegas 32 event. Because Maverick lost on the scorecards, she dropped one spot below Barber in the UFC rankings, but most importantly, she didn’t get half of her money. In MMA, most contracts include both “show money” and “win money.” Since Maverick lost on the scorecards, she only got her show money.

Taking to his social media in the days following the controversial Maverick vs. Barber decision, Ngannou blasted the judges for hurting the fighters financially by getting the decisions wrong. Ngannou hopes that this changes and there is justice for the fighters.

It’s interesting how we see injustice done to the fighters by some judges, we talk about it, and then move on from it the next day, only to get pissed off again when it happens the next time.

The fighter has to go home unrewarded with all that frustration – and half of their money – for a job well done. Something needs to be done for these athletes getting robbed on the score cards. #justiceforfighters

As a heavyweight knockout artist, Ngannou doesn’t often go to the scorecards himself, so bad judging generally doesn’t apply to his fights in particular, but as one of the biggest stars in the sport, it’s nice to see him coming out and speaking up against one of the biggest problems in the sport today in bad judging. Hopefully, there is a way to fix things.

Do you agree with Francis Ngannou that we are at the point where there need to be serious changes in the judging in MMA?

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