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Former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen appears to be angling for a fight with John Cena

Former UFC star Chael Sonnen has decided to go after John Cena in a string of strange tweets on social media.

One thing we all know and love Chael Sonnen for is his trash talking ability. In addition to being one of the best middleweight contenders of his generation, ‘The American Gangster‘ was also incredibly talented when it came to selling a feud and a fight.

His rivalry with Anderson Silva serves as great evidence for that and even in his retired days, he still enjoys hopping on Twitter or YouTube in the name of winding folks up from time to time.

In this particular instance, he’s taken aim at WWE legend John Cena, launching quite the attack on the pro wrestling sensation.

“It’s OK to be Cena. It’s OK to wear size 4X hockey jerseys & “jorts”. It’s OK to have T-levels in the 1400’s. It’s OK to wear baseball hats indoors. It’s OK to make bad movies.”

“You do as I say. Being fabulously wealthy & bored to tears is a curse. Having poor people like you to dictate to keeps me temporarily occupied and permanently insane.”

“Don’t think. Just do what John Cena tells you to do. Being fabulously wealthy enough to control his own life is boring. He needs to control your life too. Give Cena power, control, and attention.”

“GoFundMe Alert-John Cena DESPERATELY needs new Ghost-Writers. The guys who do it now work for food stamps and get his “quotes” by shoplifting Hallmark cards from the “encouragement” section. Please contribute”

Would you like to see Chael Sonnen vs John Cena in a WWE match? What are the odds that we see Sonnen make the move over to pro wrestling and if he does, what kind of role should he have? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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