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Former UFC fighter Mark Munoz placed on admin leave after allowing kids to box each other

Former UFC fighter Mark Munoz has been placed on administrative leave from his job as a high school wrestling coach.

Back in his mixed martial arts days, Mark Munoz fought some of the toughest fighters of his generation. From Lyoto Machida and Chris Weidman to Gegard Mousasi and Demian Maia, Munoz was the kind of guy who was willing to take on all challengers. In addition to that, he’s also been listed as one of the nicest fighters in the sport, with many giving him the title during his active days as a competitor.

He’s been enjoying retirement ever since beating Luke Barnatt in 2015 and in the last little while, he’s taken up a role as a high school wrestling coach at Fairmont Private Schools in Anaheim.

Unfortunately, a recent report from TMZ Sports has indicated that things have since turned sour.

The incident in question saw two students go to Munoz and ask if they could put on boxing gloves and settle their differences following an argument on the playground. Munoz seemingly wasn’t aware of the fact that they’d had a disagreement, and opted to agree to their request.

One of the parents involved was horrified that this was allowed to go ahead, likely leading to the dismissal of the 44-year-old.

The belief, as per the report, is that he will be placed on leave for the remainder of the year and will not have his contract picked up again when it expires.

Given Munoz’s reputation as being such a nice guy in the sport, coupled together with the accounts given for the story, it seems unlikely that there was anything malicious involved in what went down here.

What are your thoughts on the Mark Munoz situation? What is your favourite memory of his career when he was active with the UFC?

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