Former UFC fighter jailed after making ‘terroristic threats’ towards a man he believes killed his son

By Christopher Taylor - November 1, 2018

Former TUF, UFC and Bellator veteran Bubba McDaniel (30-10 MMA) was arrested over the weekend and charged with making terroristic threats.

Dana White

According to a report from Texomas, a police affidavit stated that McDaniel heard some additional information about the recent death of his 2- year old son, and became inconsolable.

McDaniel’s threats were allegedly posted on his personal Facebook page on Friday evening. According to the report, the former UFC fighter stated that he wanted to put a bullet in the head of the man he believed was responsible for his son’s death.

McDaniel was taken into police custody from his home shortly after posting the videos. During his arrest, McDaniel apparently repeatedly told police that he wished to kill the man he had identified.

It was also reported that McDaniel was armed and searching for ammunition moments prior to his arrest.

After posting bail to gain his release, Bubba McDaniel (1-2 UFC) appeared as a guest on the Slip n Dip Podcast where he revealed that he had recently learned more information regarding the circumstances of his son’s death. Bubba stated that his son had died inside of a home belonging to a man who was subsequently in a relationship with his son’s mother.

“I was told the man that she was with killed my son,” said McDaniel. “I can’t go into details on a lot of things on that because of the investigation, but I was told that my son was murdered.”

McDaniel went on to say that there was video evidence that his son’s mothers new man had been terrorizing the child. That caused Bubba’s emotions to get the best of him and he eventually made threats against the individual.

“The other night, I said some things. I told everybody I wanted to kill him. I feel like I need to kill this man for my son or I’m not a man … I told the cops, I’m not searching for him, but if I see him I’ll kill him.”

The former UFC fighter, Bubba McDaniel, was last seen in action in April at “Zak Cummings Promotions – Stronger Men’s Conference 2018” where he picked up a first-round TKO victory over Leonardo Pecanha.

McDaniel has won his past four fights overall, including a second-round TKO win over Kenyon Jackson at Bellator 146.

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