Dominick Cruz reacts following TKO loss to Henry Cejudo at UFC 249

Dominick Cruz, UFC rankings

Dominick Cruz has reacted to his TKO defeat at the hands of Henry Cejudo in their UFC Bantamweight Championship showdown at UFC 249.

The fight was stopped at the end of the second round following a decisive performance from “Triple C”, who wound up retiring from mixed martial arts in the immediate aftermath of his win.

During his post-fight interview, however, Cruz admitted that he wasn’t all too pleased with the nature of the stoppage.

“I mean, I am not happy with the stoppage obviously because I specifically asked the Ref to let me go until I went out. And I was standing up so.. if I had stayed on the floor, I get it. But I’m working my way up.”

Dominick Cruz continued:

“I was definitely still aware of what was going on and I get that there were unanswered shots but that is part of a fight. You know, if I am standing up to my feet, I’m in the fight. If I’m staying on the ground and continually getting chopped down I get it. But hats off to Henry Cejudo. I don’t have any excuses. I shouldn’t have got caught with that knee.”

Some fans questioned whether or not Cruz himself should’ve been the one to retire instead of Cejudo, but either way, it’s the kind of result that is seriously going to harm his claim for being the greatest bantamweight of all time.

We probably won’t see a rematch between the two, despite Cejudo’s retirement seeming bit questionable, with Cruz being set for a period of reflection as he attempts to figure out what’s next for him in his storied MMA career.

He’s been able to provide fans with many great moments ever since he first stepped foot into the Octagon, and we’ll never forget that.

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