Diego Sanchez on recent Joe Silva stories: “If anyone really knew what really goes on!”

Diego Sanchez, Dana White, Jake Matthews
Image Credit: UFC.com

UFC veteran Diego Sanchez has given his brief thoughts on the recent allegations in relation to former UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

Silva was a well known figure during his tenure with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, with many, at the time, considering him to be a likeable yet somewhat mysterious figure.

In recent days, however, stories have been coming out from within the MMA community regarding the behaviour of Silva during his time in the role. Many fighters, including Gray Maynard, Roland Delorme, Mike Pierce and Brendan Schaub have shared horror stories about working with him. 

The often eccentric Sanchez has teased his own stance, as he took to social media in order to set the record straight from his point of view.

“Every one talking bad on Joe Silva? It’s the Dirtiest game the fight game! If anyone really knew what really goes on!”.

The world of mixed martial arts certainly wouldn’t be the same without Diego, but over the last few years, he’s started to gain a reputation for saying and doing pretty odd things. Recently, he came out and pushed back against the idea that he had CTE.

“You think? how do you know you watch a movie? you read a article?,” Sanchez said on social media. “There is no proof of CTE just another mental weapon to effect the minds of he weak! Like a placebo effect in a negative way! I have no CTE or any signs of any brain damage am I talking like Nick Diaz no I’m speaking better than I ever have!!! Maybe I’m the cure for CTE! WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX”.

Sanchez has been able to win three of his last four fights, with his last triumph, back in February, coming as a result of a disqualification for his opponent Michel Pereira.

In terms of Joe Silva, it doesn’t look like this storm is going to settle anytime soon. While several notable figures have been defending his name, the age of social media has ensured that issues like these can be brought back to the surface at the drop of a hat.

Regarding Sanchez, many fans wonder if and when he’s going to next get back inside the Octagon.

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