Diego Sanchez denies having CTE: “There is no proof of CTE”

Diego Sanchez, Dana White, Jake Matthews
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UFC welterweight veteran Diego Sanchez is denying he has CTE despite having absorbed a historic number of head strikes in the Octagon.

Sanchez, the winner of the first Ultimate Fighter, has competed in the UFC since 2004 and has been involved in numerous wars throughout his future Hall of Fame career. However, he has been criticized in recent years for continuing to fight despite taking over 1000 shots to his head during his UFC career, including multiple knockout losses in the last few years.

Sanchez’s speech has also changed, which has made some fans and media speculate he could have CTE, something which has affected many boxers, hockey players and American football players and which numerous MMA fights undoubtedly have as well. However, Sanchez is denying he has CTE. Check out what “The Nightmare” wrote on Instagram.

you think? how do you know you watch a movie? you read a artical? There is no proof of CTE just another mental weapon to effect the minds of he weak! Like a placebo effect in a negative way! I have no CTE or any signs of any brain damage am I talking like Nick Diaz no I’m speaking better than I ever have!!! Maybe I’m the cure for CTE! WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX

It’s interesting that Sanchez would deny having CTE but suggested that former opponent Nick Diaz does. Like Sanchez, Diaz’s speech has been scrutinized by the MMA media and fans, but unlike Sanchez, Diaz is no longer an active fighter. Sanchez, meanwhile, continues to fight in the Octagon despite taking tons of damage every fight.

Sanchez is actually coming off of a win in his last fight, albeit a DQ win over Michel Pereira at UFC Rio Rancho. Since that bout, Sanchez and his coach Joshua Fabian have been criticized by the fans and media for his performance in the fight, and these latest comments denying CTE will not sit well with anyone, either.

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