Darren Till responds to Mike Perry’s eye-poke threat: “That’s not going to happen”

Darren Till, Mike Perry

Darren Till and Mike Perry have had an interesting relationship over the course of their time in the UFC.

Initially, the pair were rivals in the welterweight division, and were seemingly destined to clash in the Octagon. Then, they seemed to form something of a friendship, and even partook in a sparring session together. More recently, however, their relationship has regressed, and Perry is now chomping at the bit for the chance to fight Till—despite the fact that the Brit has moved up to the middleweight division.

“I mean, if I see him in person I’m going to fight him,” Perry said of Till after defeating Mickey Gall recently. “Nobody’s going to stop me. I’m going to grab him, I’m going to stick my finger into his eye, and I’m going to get a hold of him. I’ll say it out loud because I don’t care.”

Till, for his part, doesn’t seem to harbor any serious ill-will toward Perry. Instead, he says Perry took some of his recent online trash talk the wrong way.

“I think it’s just cause he’s got a new girl,” Till said in a clip from BT Sport. “That’s the fight game, isn’t it? You have to be able to take it all on the chin, and he obviously can’t. He’s talking like next time he sees me, he’s going to poke me in the eye or something.

“Come on mate, we both know that’s not gonna happen,” Till added. “I’m 6 foot 2, I’d lift him straight off his feet.”

Till then assured that he actually wishes Perry well in the welterweight division.

“I don’t take offense to it,” Till said. “I hope he does well. I hope he gets the fights he wants. He’s never going to fight me. I’m fighting contenders, former champs. He needs to worry is path first before he starts worrying about me, cause he ain’t getting that fight.”

Do you think Darren Till and Mike Perry will ever meet in the Octagon?

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