Daniel Cormier was not happy with the judging at UFC Kansas City: “Some of the absolute worst judging I have ever seen in my entire life”

By Harry Kettle - April 17, 2023

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier has voiced his frustration after what he deemed to be poor judging at UFC Kansas City.

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As a former two-weight UFC champion and current analyst, Daniel Cormier knows the sport of mixed martial arts better than most. In the present day, he spends a lot of his time behind the commentary desk – as was the case this past weekend.

On Saturday night, Cormier was on the call for the Fight Night event in Kansas City. While we saw plenty of great fights, some of the judging decisions caught the attention of both DC and fans watching at home.

The one that grabbed the most attention saw Joselyne Edwards defeat Lucie Pudilova. The popular opinion, as you’ve probably guessed, was that Pudilova should’ve been the one to get her hand raised.

Across both social media and his own channel, Cormier made it clear that he wasn’t happy.

Twitter: “That’s really bad! What a bad start to the night with Judging. Holy shit”

YouTube: “Let’s not even talk about (Joselyne Edwards vs Lucie Pudilova). Some of the absolute worst judging I have ever seen in my entire life,” Cormier said. “I have nothing against Joselyne Edwards, but she won that fight. I don’t know how she won that fight. She got beat, it is what it is.”

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Cormier’s justified frustration

The state of judging in mixed martial arts has been questioned many, many times. Between Dana White, media members, and fans of the product, it’s been relentless – especially in the last few years.

For now, though, it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot that can be done.

Do you agree with Daniel Cormier’s assessment? What would you recommend to try and solve some of the problems in MMA judging? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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