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Daniel Cormier explains why Jorge Masvidal is in a “no-lose situation” at UFC 251

Daniel Cormier believes Jorge Masvidal is in a no-lose situation when he fights Kamaru Usman at UFC 251.

Masvidal is entering this fight on just six days notice and is a sizeable underdog. Many people are picking against him and counting him out, yet for Cormier, he believes even if “Gamebred” loses, his stock doesn’t change.

“He’s on a six days notice in a fight where he is a 3-to-1 dog. But, even if it wasn’t six days notice, he probably would still be about a 3-to-1 dog,” Daniel Cormier said on DC & Helwani on ESPN. “So, it’s like everything is salvaged. He gets to fight the fight with Usman, if he wins, his legend will go to heights that could never have been imagined. But, if he loses, oh well he took the fight on six days notice. What is he supposed to do, Usman has been in camp ready to fight. They have truly created a no-lose situation for Jorge Masvidal. Now, Jorge is the guy that stepped up. Jorge stepped up.

“So, now the UFC has got some favor with him. Jorge got his money, Jorge got his title fight. But, under circumstances where if you win, you become a legend. If you lose, you actually lose nothing because you took the fight on short notice,” Cormier continued. “The reality is when the oddsmakers made the odds, they probably would have instilled him about a two-and-a-half to three-to-one underdog, to begin with. It’s not like much has changed. Their genius, the Kawa family are all geniuses. Malki and Abe Kawa are geniuses, Jorge Masvidal is a genius, they are all geniuses.”

There is no question Masvidal has gained even more popularity since taking this fight. He was holding out for pay, so it is likely he got paid more as Cormier suggests. But, even if he loses, it doesn’t seem like his star power will fade given he took this fight on short notice. So, it truly does feel like he is in a no-lose situation at UFC 251.

Do you agree with Daniel Cormier that Jorge Masvidal is in a no-lose situation at UFC 251?

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