Daniel Cormier advises fighters on how to maintain a good relationship with the UFC

Daniel Cormier, Dana White
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Over the years, we’ve seen many top fighters butt heads with the UFC brass. Daniel Cormier is not one of them.

In an excellent interview with ESPN, Cormier explained how he’s been able to maintain such a positive working relationship with the UFC. Apparently, it’s not all that hard. In his eyes, it’s as simple as playing ball.

“It’s not hard,” Cormier said. “I swear to God, I don’t understand how these guys have all these issues. For me, it does not make any sense. It is our job. If you have to go do promotion, go do promotion. You’re getting paid massive amounts of money. Even for guys that are just starting, you’re making 30, 40 grand. You didn’t make 30, 40 grand [before]. You started doing this with the idea that someday the UFC could make you money. It’s not that hard. If they ask you to do something, do it. Get along with people. Again, it’s whenever you are someone at your core and you get in a position where you feel you can mistreat people, people mistreat people. It’s just silly. But it’s not that hard. Get along with the people and I promise it’ll be a lot easier for you.”

In the same interview, Daniel Cormier shared his advice on a number of other topics, including how to cope with a loss.

“You let it hurt,” Cormier stated. “A lot of people try to move on. I see guys that’ll lose a fight and they’ll be on Instagram 30 minutes later talking about, “We’re gonna get on to the next one.” No, live in that loss for a while, because it motivates you not to do the same thing again. Live in that loss so that pain that you feel will drive you to not be there again. Everybody wants to move on — “Let’s go, we’ve gotta get on to the next thing.” No. I let it sit with me. When I lose — those two fights I’ve lost — it’s been like a mourning process for me. I need it to be motivating and it to be a lesson that I learned so it doesn’t happen again.”

Daniel Cormier is set to return to the cage on Saturday night, in the main event of UFC 241, where he’ll attempt to defend the UFC heavyweight title in a rematch against Stipe Miocic. Win or lose, he’s one of the most successful fighters in MMA history, and his advice is definitely worth heeding.

This article first appeared onĀ BJPENN.COM on 8/16/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM