Dana White discusses San Antonio shooting, hopes perpetrator does not prove to be a UFC fighter


UFC president Dana White discussed the shocking San Antonio shooting, where the shooter allegedly told people he was a UFC fighter from California.

Eight people were injured during the shooting on Friday night, though thankfully none were pronounced dead. According to CNN, a highly intoxicated individual was denied entry into a San Antonio bar. The shooter allegedly said, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m a UFC fighter from California,” before going back to their vehicle, grabbing a long rifle, and hitting eight people with bullets. San Antonio police are still investigating the incident.

Speaking to the media following UFC on ESPN 10, White was asked if he had heard about the incident and what his immediate thoughts on it were. Here’s what the UFC president said (via MMAjunkie.com).

“If you don’t think that I heard about that one at 7 a.m. this morning — you know what I mean? I hope it’s not true,” White said.

“But I hear that all the time. You know how many bald guys in this town walk around and say they’re me. It’s mind-boggling. If I told you some of these stories, you wouldn’t believe it. I’m hoping that is the case.”

At this point, White and the UFC brass are still awaiting full details of the case before making any sort of other, firmer comments. Obviously, White hopes that this shooter was lying about his UFC credentials, just because of the negative connection that it would have. This is still an ongoing investigation so we really have no idea at this point if this person was really a UFC fighter or if they were just drunk and saying it. If more details come out soon, expect the UFC to release a more official statement on the matter.

What do you think Dana White will do if the shooter does indeed turn out to be a current or former member of the UFC roster?

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