Dana White blasts the “scumbags” in the MMA media for telling UFC fighters they are underpaid

PhotoCred: Drake Riggs

Taking the MMA media to task, UFC president Dana White blasted the “scumbags” in the media for telling UFC fighters they are underpaid.

White was a recent guest on Travis Browne’s podcast and the two discussed a variety of topics, one of which was fighter pay. Browne defended the UFC for its pay structure, suggesting that he was actually paid even more than he was supposed to during his career, but there has been a lot of chatter in the media as of late that fighters are underpaid.

Because more reporters have shed light on the numbers that show the UFC pays out a less percentage of its revenues to its athletes than in the other big sports, more fighters have been starting to open up on the topic. Recent examples include Jared Cannonier and Cheyanne Buys. YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has also been critical of UFC fighter pay.

White spoke to Browne about the topic of fighter pay and he defended the UFC’s pay structure. As far as White goes, the MMA media has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to fighter pay.

“You have these scumbags out there that know nothing about the business telling all the fighters ‘oh you’re all being underpaid. You’re not being paid enough money. You’re not this’ — it goes on every f*cking day,” White said (h/t BloodyElbow). “Every media member that talks about fighter pay is a scumbag who is basically just out there to get attention, because they literally know nothing about the business or the pay or how any of this sh*t works. It’s all part of the game. That’s who they are and that’s what they do, and I literally could give a f*ck.”

Do you agree with the criticisms Dana White directed towards the MMA media?

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