Dana White comments on Conor McGregor apology, sexual assault accusations

Conor McGregor, Dana White, UFC 229

Conor McGregor found himself in hot water again earlier this month after he was caught on camera punching an older man in a bar in Dublin.

Shortly thereafter, the Irish star appeared on ESPN to apologize for this incident.

“In reality, it doesn’t matter what happened there,” McGregor said. “I was in the wrong. That man deserved to enjoy his time in the pub without having it end the way it did. And although five months ago it was and I tried to make amends, and I made amends back then. That does not even matter, I was in the wrong. I must come here before you and take accountability and take responsibility. I owe it to the people that have been supporting me. I owe it to my mother, my father, my family. I owe it to the people who trained me in martial arts.”

Speaking at a scrum after the final episode of Contender Series of the year, UFC President Dana White commended Conor McGregor for making this apology.

“Conor and I talk at least a couple times a month,” White said of McGregor (video via MMA Fighting). “He needed to that. I didn’t tell him to do it. He did that on his own. Good for him.”

McGregor’s interview with ESPN did not touch on the alleged sexual assault accusations he is facing, reported earlier this year by The New York Times. White claims he knows very little about this situation, but added that he heard it’s all a case of mistaken identity.

“I know zero about that,” the UFC boss said. “To be honest with you, the back-and-forth that I’ve had with [McGregor] about that is [that] it’s not him. It’s somebody else. So I don’t know.”

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 8/28/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM