Corey Anderson: Jon Jones is avoiding ‘risky’ fight with me

Corey Anderson, Jon Jones

Corey Anderson wants a fight with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Unfortunately, he believes Jones is avoiding the matchup because of the high risks it poses.

“I’ve been saying it since last year when I called for the fight,” Anderson told MMA Fighting. “He tweeted me saying, ‘You want the smoke?’ I answered back I want it right now. All of a sudden, he started dilly-dallying around my name, calling other people out. He’s avoiding me. He called me out thinking I would hesitate. I want that. I need that. I wanted that when I came here.

“When you look back at UFC 181, I beat Justin Jones, and I said back then I beat a Jones, but the goal is to beat the Jones with the belt. I want it. I think he knows it’s a dangerous fight. It’s a risky fight.”

Over the last few days, Jones has made it clear that he plans on fighting Dominick Reyes — not Corey Anderson — next. The champ has claimed that he considers Reyes the more challenging fight of the two.

Anderson isn’t buying that.

“All these guys he fights are one-dimensional,” Anderson said, questioning the opponents Jones targets. “Dominick Reyes is a great striker, but he doesn’t have the best wrestling defense. He has OK jiu-jitsu. Thiago [Santos], we knew he was a striker, but that was it. We knew Anthony Smith, his only chance was if you gas out and you let him get you down or some sh*t, or he gets you at the end.

“But when you’ve got a guy like me who has the cardio, who has the striking, and has the wrestling the same or better than Jon Jones, as well as the jiu-jitsu that can match him, then it’s like, that’s a tricky fight — does he want that fight right now, or does he want to keep getting these easy wins, stack his bread and keep breaking records?”

Do you want to see Corey Anderson fight Jon Jones?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 11/14/2019. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM