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Conor McGregor takes aim at Michael Bisping and other fighters for pursuing careers in the movie business

Conor McGregor has taken aim at a parade of fighters, including Michael Bisping, for pursuing the world of acting.

One thing we all know to be true about Conor McGregor is that he doesn’t pull his punches. The Irishman is easily one of the most intriguing figures in the sport of mixed martial arts and yet despite his star power, he still feels the need to engage in debates on social media – whether it be with fans, fighters or pretty much anyone else.

We haven’t seen him compete inside the Octagon in over a year since his leg break at the hands of Dustin Poirier, and after it was announced that he’d be starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in a remake of Road House, some questioned if he’d ever be coming back.

A selection of other fighters have also shown interest in making the transition over to Hollywood and in a since-deleted tweet, McGregor opted to call some of them out.

“All these little twerps wanna be actors now. Little twerps, There’s Only One Mac Daddy. Bad to the bone but with a good heart. Action with Jake gyl or Rom com with Sarah Jessica. Bisping, member that show you were in. Ye me neither”

Many more questions will be asked about where McGregor is going to go next and in truth, nobody really has any answers – probably including the man himself.

Whichever route he takes, though, we’d imagine he’ll continue to find success and grow his brand, whether it be in or outside of the cage.

What are your thoughts on Conor McGregor’s comments? Are you excited to see him potentially transition fully into the acting realm? Will he ever fight for the UFC again or perhaps return to boxing? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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