Conor McGregor criticized by Firas Zahabi following death threat comments: “I was really grossed out… he’s going after kids now”

By Adam D Martin - July 16, 2021

Conor McGregor was criticized by Firas Zahabi following his death threats, saying that “I was really grossed out… he’s going after kids now.”

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McGregor was finished by Dustin Poirier via first-round TKO in their trilogy fight at UFC 264 last weekend. But what a lot of fans and media are talking about still is the death threats that McGregor made towards Poirier, his wife Jolie, and their child. Speaking on the Tristar Gym YouTube channel, Zahabi criticized McGregor for his “horrible” comments.

“I was really grossed out. I don’t know how you guys can be fans of this man. I respect him as a fighter. I respect his skills – I can’t deny that. But the way he behaved at the press conference was just horrible,” Zahabi said (h/t

Zahabi expanded on his criticism towards McGregor, suggesting that he needs a better team around him and that he gets special privilege because of his big name in the UFC.

“If Conor McGregor has one true friend in this world … maybe he’s just surrounded by people who just want his prestige and money and they just want what they can get from him. But if he has a single true friend in this world, that true friend is going to take him behind closed doors and tell him, ‘Look, the way you’re behaving – it’s stupid. You’re making yourself look bad. You’re embarrassing us, your family, your friends.’ It’s just a humiliating way for a true martial artist, a warrior to behave,” Zahabi said.

“He’s going after kids now. Now, if that was anybody else, if that was a guy on a prelim card, we would all be like, ‘Kick this guy off the roster. Kick this guy out of the UFC. No, no, no.’ But because it’s Conor McGregor, you can’t say that. It’s Conor McGregor – he’s the poster boy. He’s the one who sells all the tickets. No – there’s no pass for that.”

Do you agree with the criticism levied at Conor McGregor by Firas Zahabi?

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