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Colby Covington shares prediction for Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal at UFC 251

UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington has shared his prediction for UFC 251’s main event between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal.

Ever since his loss to Usman in the main event of UFC 245, “Chaos” has been relentless in calling out many top challengers at 170 pounds—including Usman and Masvidal. 

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Now, ahead of Masvidal getting his shot at the Welterweight Championship, Covington has told MMA Fighting who he believes will come out on top in Abu Dhabi this Saturday night.

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“Jorge Masvidal is nothing more than a mediocre, middle of the road dude who’s a bum,” Covington said. “He’s just going out there to take a quick L, he knows he’s gonna take the L, and he wants an easy fall-back plan. ‘Oh, guys, I only took it on one week’s notice’ – no, you had the last six months to take it. I already know what the excuses are gonna be this Saturday night. I don’t feel any sympathy for him, he’s gonna get body-bagged. The only way he doesn’t get body-bagged by Marty on Saturday night is if Marty comes down with the ‘rona”.

Covington is clearly doing everything in his power to put himself back in the title picture, and regardless of who leaves Fight Island with the belt this weekend, it does feel like he could lock horns with one of the two men in the months following UFC 251.

The former interim champion hasn’t been shy in giving his thoughts on what has been happening in the UFC as of late, and that includes taking shots at his former training partner Dustin Poirier.

“I didn’t think that that performance was that impressive,” Covington said on the latest episode of BJPENN.com Radio, breaking down Poirier’s win over Hooker. “Let’s be honest. It took you 25 minutes to beat a Hooker? Usually Hookers are in and out within a couple of minutes. The fact that that Hooker lasted that long is a feat in itself. But if Hooker would’ve kept kicking it the second round, Dustin wouldn’t have been standing. The fight would have been over it. It wasn’t really an impressive fight. Hooker’s a former featherweight. He got finished by Edson Barbosa in a minute or two. He’s not really that good of a fighter. I thought he got beat. I thought Dustin got beat. It was a very close fight, but I thought he got beat.”

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“Dustin Soyier, he interests me, just because all the shit he talks,” Covington said. “I don’t like it when people go to the media and they say things. When I’ve said everything to you and the media, I’ve meant it, and I’ve backed it up. I say I want to fight someone, I go out there and fight him. Dustin’s out there, saying, ‘It’s on sight next time I see you, Colby.’ If it’s on sight, let’s go do it in front of the world. Let’s go get paid and do it in front of the world. But he knows better than that. He’s just going to stay scared and keep running from me just like his good friend Jorge ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal”.

What do you think of this prediction from Colby Covington? 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM
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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM