Colby Covington explains why Kamaru Usman did not deserve 10-8 round at UFC 268

By Adam Martin - November 28, 2021

UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington explained why champion Kamaru Usman did not deserve 10-8 round in their rematch at UFC 268.

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Covington lost a unanimous decision to Usman earlier this month at UFC 268 in what was a very competitive fight between the two rivals. While most of the rounds were close, the second round is the one where Usman appeared to take the lead as he knocked Covington down twice. However, none of the three judges cageside gave Usman a 10-8 round, so when fans and the media on social media gave him a 10-8, Covington disagreed with them.

Speaking to MMANews reporter James Lynch, Covington explained why the second round of his rematch with Usman did not deserve to have a 10-8 scorecard written down for it.

“I feel like I was kind of pressing in that round, and that round was mine up until that point. If you look at the tape, you can clearly see that I wobbled him with the jab, he kind of stumbled twice, but he gets his bearings and he throws a 3-2, right hand-left hook and the left hook just kind of caught me on the right spot, the temple. For just a quarter-second it put me down, but I wasn’t hurt. It wasn’t like I was wobbled and he had me completely concussed with a big shot. It just caught me unexpectedly. I was rushing in and my defense was down and he just caught a good shot,” Covington said. “That’s not a 10-8 round, though. No way that’s a 10-8. Those are the haters, man. The clickbait merchants are what I call them. There are just three judges in there. The millions of people watching the fight worldwide can decide themselves.”

Do you agree with Colby Covington that Kamaru Usman did not deserve to have a 10-8 round scored for him at UFC 268?

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