Chris Duncan plans to “exploit” Yanal Ashmouz at UFC London en route to stoppage win: “The guy makes too many stupid mistakes”

By Cole Shelton - July 20, 2023

Chris Duncan is ready to fight back in London.

Chris Duncan

Duncan hails from Scotland and got to make his UFC debut last March at UFC 286, where he picked up a split decision win over Omar Morales. It was a frustrating fight for Duncan as he wants to be known as an exciting fighter, but he’s happy he got the win and is able to return rather quickly.

“Nice quick turnaround for me, especially helping me out financially. It’s not the easiest thing being a fighter,” Duncan said on Just Scrap Radio on

Shortly after UFC 286, Chris Duncan was offered to fight Yanal Ashmouz at UFC London who also won back in March. Although it was a surprise for Duncan to see Ashmouz beat Sam Patterson, ‘The Problem’ believes Ashmouz makes too many dumb mistakes in his fights.

“I have studied all of his fights now. The guy is decent in the UFC, he has a good overhand, good left hand, and nice tight boxing, but there are a couple of things that I am looking forward to exploiting,” Duncan said. “The guy is pretty raw, he does a lot of things really well but the guy makes too many stupid mistakes as well. I’m going go out there, fight the fight, and get the W once again.”

‘I’m always looking for the finish’

With Chris Duncan thinking Yanal Ashmouz makes too many mistakes in his fights, the ATT fighter is confident he will be able to get a stoppage win at UFC London.

“To be honest with you, I don’t really know. We got some specific things we are going to do. I feel like people put a stamp on knocking a guy out in the first round, but we got a few key points we want to work on in the first and second rounds especially those that will exploit and overcome his attributes,” Duncan explained. “Whatever that takes, whether it is submission or TKO, or knockout, I’m always looking for the finish. I’m looking forward to getting in there and showing the world how much better I’ve gotten rather than talking about it.”

If Duncan does get a stoppage win over Ashmouz at UFC London that he is after, he says his goal is to fight one more time this year. He also has a name in mind as he says he wants to fight Trevor Peek as he believes it would be a fun scrap for the fans and would be a fight, he thinks he would get another finish in.

“I watched that Trevor Peek fight, I’d actually murder that guy, so I’d like to get a fight with him because he is so wild. It would be exciting; it would get me amped up because I know this guy is coming. But, not slighting his technique but he looked like shit,” Duncan concluded.

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