Cheyanne Vlismas fires back at estranged husband JP Buys for suggesting she’s creating a false narrative

By Harry Kettle - January 13, 2022

UFC fighter Cheyanne Vlismas has hit back at husband JP Buys after he suggested she’s created a false narrative surrounding their current situation.

Cheyanne Vlismas, JP Buys, UFC

Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve seen continued developments regarding Vlismas, Buys and their incredibly public dispute. After Vlismas noted that she’d spent some time away from the spotlight following her most recent UFC win, Buys came back and suggested she was in Georgia with a man she was having an affair with.

Buys doubled down on this and much more during a recent interview and now, in a since-deleted social media post, Vlismas has decided to set the record straight from her point of view.

“If there is anything I would like to say it’s I for 1 never cheated on my husband nor would I ever cheat on someone. The fact that I have put my business out here is just mind blowing to me. I will not be saying my side of the story as the relationship I had was MY relationship and it was not a good relationship.

“We only married for a visa and unfortunately things were not how it seemed on media. Things happened this past year that is the reason things ended as it was for (good) reasoning to end.

“As for what I do after leaving him is also my business. I will not stoop down to the level and bash someone’s name as much as I want to.”

“As far as saying I’m in hiding @MikeHeck_Jr I’m not sure as to why you made that your headline as all I said was I didn’t tell people where I was. I am not hiding anything (about) me just the country I was in.”

“Also if I must say if I was a cheater (then) take me off your IG bio, sign my divorce papers don’t take my money and my bonus money that I shed my own blood for and leave me alone and let me move on so I can go back to earning money.

“This will be the last time I speak about my business. Thank you”

Quotes via Bloody Elbow

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