Chael Sonnen wants to see former “best in the world” fighter placed in the UFC Hall of Fame: “He belongs there”

By Harry Kettle - January 2, 2023

MMA analyst Chael Sonnen has explained why he wants to see Frank Shamrock take his place in the UFC Hall of Fame.

Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones

When it comes to analysts in the world of mixed martial arts, few are quite as outspoken as Chael Sonnen. The former UFC title challenger is one of the most intriguing personalities in the history of the sport, and most certainly of his generation.

He has some intriguing opinions that he likes to share with the masses reasonably often. Some of them seem outlandish, but others showcase his ability to think outside the box.

In one of his recent videos, Sonnen has explained why Frank Shamrock deserves more respect and recognition.

“Frank Shamrock was the best in the world, not maybe — not Chael’s opinion, Frank Shamrock was the best at a time where no one was watching the sport,” Sonnen said. “I’ve never asked Frank if that was hard for him. But I can imagine he would’ve liked some of that recognition, he would’ve liked some of that notoriety.”

Sonnen backs Shamrock

“He’s not in the Hall of Fame but he belongs there. Which would you rather be? Would you rather be as good as Frank Shamrock when nobody was watching, or would you rather have the skills of Kimbo Slice. You have an absolute main eventer in Kimbo Slice, who was selling out arenas. He could not walk down the street without people rushing out to be with him.”

Quotes via MMA News

Shamrock is a former UFC light heavyweight champion, having successfully defended the belt four times in his career. He is now retired, with his last fight coming against Nick Diaz in 2009.

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