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Brock Lesnar compares working for Dana White and Vince McMahon, says he “should have got paid more” in UFC

Brock Lesnar believes he was underpaid in the UFC.

Lesnar, the former UFC heavyweight champion, is a massive star in WWE but is often talked about returning to the Octagon.

When he made his latest return at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt, it was a massive fight and it was reported that Brock Lesnar took home $2.5 million for the scrap. Even with that, Lesnar thinks he was underpaid in the promotion.

“Dana’s all right. I’ve got a lot of money from him. You know, I probably should have got paid more, maybe,” Lesnar said on The Pat McAfee show on Monday.

Even though Brock Lesnar says he was underpaid by Dana White and the UFC, he does respect White and the promotion. He knows running the promotion is a hard thing to do, just like Vince McMahon running WWE.

Although many compare McMahon and White to one another, Lesnar doesn’t see it. Instead, he says he has a better relationship with McMahon than White but he respects both men and says they are both self-made men.

“I don’t know. I really can’t compare the two guys. Honestly, my relationship with Vince is so different than it is with Dana over the years. Vince and I have had a love-hate relationship for the last 20 years, but it’s been good,” Lesnar said. “We have a lot of water under the bridge. I have a lot of respect for both men. But, dealing with Dana, it’s just a totally different business approach. I met Vince when I was younger. I look at Vince more as a father figure actually. Because I’ve learned a lot of things from him, and I was able to carry those things over and handle business with Dana. So, I mean, Vince is a self-made person, so is Dana, took the company and made it public and made big, big (money).”

Brock Lesnar has not fought in MMA since UFC 200 and at this point, seems unlikely he ever will compete again.

What do you make of Brock Lesnar saying he was underpaid in the UFC?

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