Brendan Schaub shares his thoughts on the recent altercation between Jake Shields and Mike Jackson: “This is assault, brother”

By Susan Cox - December 21, 2022

Brendan Schaub is sharing his thoughts on the recent altercation between Jake Shields and Mike Jackson.

Brendan Schaub

It was UFC welterweight Mike Jackson who recently got into an ‘incident’ with former middleweight champion Jake Shields while they were both at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shields (33-11 MMA) and Jackson (1-2 MMA) were sharing barbs with each other over social media and when they came face to face at the UFC PI last Friday, December 16th, a physical altercation occurred.

A portion of the altercation was recorded on video, the footage shows Shields, 43, laying punches on top of Jackson, 37.

Shields posted the video on ‘Twitter’ writing:

“Finally ran into the b**ch Mike Jackson. He quickly discovered the difference between calling people Nazis In person vs on Twitter.”

“This racist is lucky so many people were there to save his pathetic racist a**.”

Jake Shields

Mike Jackson has since indicated he will be pressing assault charges against the veteran Shields. The incident has also led to speculation that Shields may be banned from the UFC PI because of his actions.

The Californian was outraged that Jackson was calling him a ‘Nazi’ online and in person. Jake Shields insists that it was Jackson who threw the first punch therefore initiating the altercation.

Many in the MMA community have chimed in with their thoughts on what allegedly transpired last Friday and many are taking sides.

Schaub, speaking on his ‘Thiccc Boy’ podcast, after reviewing footage of the incident, shared his thoughts (h/t MMANews):

“This is assault, brother. They’re (the PI) probably gonna press charges… Which is a bummer, because you don’t want fights happening at, you know, your headquarters and stuff like that. But you’d think of any business in the world, the UFC would go ‘I get it.’ And also, two professional fighters, one’s talking s**t, they run into each other, it’s what happens.”

Are you in agreement that Jackson should press charges against Shields? Do you believe the result of the altercation should be the UFC PI banning Shields from it’s facility?

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