Brendan Schaub defends Sean O’Malley, tells Sean Shelby to treat UFC fighters like “human beings”

By Adam D Martin - August 16, 2021

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub defended youngster Sean O’Malley, telling matchmaker Sean Shelby to treat UFC fighters like “human beings.”

Brendan Schaub

O’Malley is one of the biggest young stars in the UFC right now, and the promotion reportedly wants him to fight veteran Frankie Edgar at UFC 268 in November at Madison Square Garden in New York City. However, “Suga” reportedly turned the fight down, citing his desire to fight in Las Vegas instead of New York due to tax reasons. As well, O’Malley said his coach, Tim Welch, will not be available to corner him the week of UFC 268. In response to O’Malley turning down the fight, the UFC matchmaker Shelby apparently had some strong words for O’Malley, including taking a shot at his friendship with 6ix9ine.

Speaking on his podcast “Below the Belt,” Schaub was asked about the O’Malley situation, and he shared his thoughts on the tension between the two Seans, O’Malley and Shelby.

“Sean’s in a spot where he can talk like this and he’ll be okay cause he’s undeniable. He just has to keep winning, because as soon as you start losing, they’re gonna bring this back and hold it against you. But right now he’s fine,” Schaub said (h/t MMA Weekly).

“I’m with him though. F*ck fighting in New York, with the taxes, flying out there, his coach isn’t there. Who cares if he fights a month later? It’s Vegas. Be cool, UFC. The UFC has to do a better job of not treating their employees like they work for f*cking Apple,” Schaub said. “This isn’t some China slave factory. Like, treat them like human beings, it’s going to go so much further for everybody involved. Just be cool. Like why not be like ‘Hey Sean, we want you to fight.’ ‘Ah, my coach isn’t going to be there and I don’t wanna pay the taxes in New York. Can I just fight on the next card?’ ‘Yeah, we’ll get you an opponent, no problem.’ Click. Move on to the next guy. I’m with ‘Suga’ on this. Don’t treat him like sh*t, man. There’s just no need for it.”

Do you agree with Brendan Schaub that the UFC should treat its fighters better?

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