Beneil Dariush discusses the ongoing saga between Conor McGregor and USADA: “I think Conor is cheating”

By Fernando Quiles - March 28, 2023

Beneil Dariush believes Conor McGregor is cheating the system.

Beneil Dariush Conor McGregor

Much has been made over the fighting future of McGregor. While he’ll serve as a coach on season 31 of “The Ultimate Fighter,” and UFC has plans of booking him against Michael Chandler, McGregor finds himself in a dilemma with USADA. The two sides are at a standstill over McGregor’s eligibility and whether or not he is required to undergo six months of drug testing before he can have another bout.

Beneil Dariush Thinks Conor McGregor Is Cheating

Beneil Dariush has apparently seen enough to conclude that McGregor is bending the rules. He explained why during an interview with The Schmo (via

“I think Conor is cheating,” Dariush said in an interview with The Schmo. “In reality, if you want to fix your knee or you want to fix your leg and get certain growth hormones or whatever he’s doing, you can get a therapeutic exemption. You can speak to USADA and get a therapeutic exemption – but you can’t add extra stuff. Whatever you are putting in, you have to declare with them and get it figured out.

“This is BS, to be honest with you. The fact that they say, ‘Oh, while he’s doing this, he’s not getting tested right now because of his leg.’ No – you can still get tested. You just have to declare and say, ‘Hey, this was a therapeutic exemption.’ But that’s not the case (with McGregor). He even put down ‘retirement’ (on forms), so he went into retirement, I guess. USADA recently said when you come out of retirement, you need six months and two clean tests. So this is garbage. But that’s the game.”

Other fighters such as Jorge Masvidal and Henry Cejudo have accused McGregor of juicing. McGregor responded to Masvidal’s accusation in a since-deleted tweet, “An absolute pigeon brain this guy is,” McGregor said. “Stupid beyond belief.”

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