Belal Muhammad jokes he’ll give Leon Edwards a “three piece and a soda” if they cross paths backstage

By Cole Shelton - June 9, 2021

Belal Muhammad still isn’t happy he’s not rematching Leon Edwards.

Leon Edwards, Belal Muhammad

On March 13, Muhammad stepped up on short notice to fight Edwards in a pivotal bout. In the first round, the Englishman had a ton of success and clearly won it. Yet, in the second Edwards poked Muhammad in the eye and the fight was ruled a No Contest.

After the fight, Muhammad called for a rematch but didn’t end up getting it. Instead, Edwards will face Nate Diaz at UFC 263 while Muhammad will take on Demian Maia on the same card. Given they are both on the same card, Muhammad says if he sees him he will give him a three piece and a soda.

“Yeah it’s one of those where there’s a little salt on my shoulders right now,” Muhammad said at media day. “It’s all good, for me I need to get past Demian Maia and I don’t want to get distracted by Leon and then wait in the back and give Leon a three piece and a soda and maybe that will give me my rematch?”

Belal Muhammad

Although Muhammad didn’t get the rematch he still got a big fight in Maia. The hope for the welterweight contender is Nate Diaz beats Edwards so he can get the rematch with the Englishman.

Regardless, Muhammad is confident he will get a top-five opponent or a big name next time out with a win.

“I’m rooting for Nate Diaz. If Nate Diaz wins the Leon Edwards fight makes sense so I’m going to be Nate Diaz army,” Muhammad said. “Hopefully, he wins that fight. Otherwise, I want to look for somebody, definitely top-five. I don’t want to look past Maia but when you beat a guy like that you deserve a number one contender fight or guys in that title picture.”

Do you think Belal Muhammad will beat Demian Maia at UFC 263?

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