Audio released of Colby Covington‘s interview with police detectives following alleged attack by Jorge Masvidal

By Susan Cox - December 23, 2022

The audio of Colby Covington’s interview with police detectives following the alleged attack by Jorge Masvidal has been released.

Colby Covington

It all started at UFC 272 in March of this year when Colby Covington (17-3 MMA) defeated Jorge Masvidal (35-16 MMA) in the welterweight main event.

Less than 3 weeks later it was Masvidal who allegedly attacked Covington outside a restaurant on the streets of Miami.

An audio tape of Covington’s interaction with police detectives following the alleged attack has now been released:

“I was eating inside Papi Steak house with my friend Kyle Forgeard, who’s the main guy for the Nelk Boys, and then another guy named Bob Money, who’s a super-famous personality. They put up a story post that we were hanging out together… We didn’t post where we were, but I could see it’s easy to identify.”

Continuing, Colby Covington said (h/t MMANews):

“So we decide we’re gonna leave Papi and we’re gonna go to Swan to go meet up with some people over there, some friends. As soon as we walk out, a bunch of people kind of bombarded us. They wanted pictures, a couple people were asking me to sign gloves — I signed like, four or five different gloves from three or four different fans.”

Explaining that he was on his way to his vehicle, the 34-year-old said he was attacked from the side:

“Then we’re like, ‘Hey, let’s go, let’s get outta here, it’s time to go.’ As soon as we’re about to walk across the street, I get side-swiped from the side, I get punched in the mouth real quick and kinda get dizzed up. I look up and I see who it is.”

Colby Covington then told the officers who the assailant was:

“I could see in his eyes, it’s Jorge Masvidal. I can see his hair coming out of his hoodie, but he has a face mask on… But he’s saying, ‘You shouldn’t have f*cking talked about my kids!’ … I was easily able to identify, like, ‘That’s his voice, that’s his eyes, that’s his hair; I know exactly who that is.’ He took two quick punches at me. It happened so fast.”

Following the altercation, Covington explained he went back into the restaurant to call the police:

“We’re like, squared up and I’m getting him off of me, because he’s with a couple of people. There was one bigger guy that had his fist clenched and he was gonna come at me, but I was able to get away from Jorge, run back to Papi Steak house. He followed me back in… but there was a couple security guys… I went behind the bar, called the police station, and waited for your guys’ arrival.”

Concluding, Covington explained his injuries:

“I definitely suffered the injury to my tooth, he chipped my front tooth. The adrenaline’s still kinda going right now, but he definitely rocked me, I saw stars a little bit… I was just trying to get to safety.”

Colby Covington did indeed press charges against Jorge Masvidal following the incident.

A trail date is scheduled for February 27th of 2023. The 38 year old ‘Gamebred‘ is facing a charge of aggravated battery and criminal mischief. If found guilty, Masvidal could be sentenced to up to 15 years behind bars.

What do you think of Covington’s account of the attack from Masvidal? Do you think Masvidal should face jail time for his actions?

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