Aljamain Sterling hopeful Henry Cejduo waits for him, but isn’t mad if he takes “the easier fight” against Sean O’Malley

By Cole Shelton - January 16, 2023

Aljamain Sterling wants to fight Henry Cejudo next but understands if ‘Triple C’ decides to face Sean O’Malley instead.

Aljamain Sterling, Henry Cejudo

Sterling and Cejudo have been taking shots at each other for quite some time and both said they agreed to fight one another on March 4 at UFC 285. However, Sterling then revealed he had a torn bicep and wanted to get that fixed before taking a fight.

After Sterling made the announcement, many wondered if the UFC would make an interim title fight between Cejudo and Sean O’Malley. If that is the case, Sterling says he won’t be mad but hopes ‘Triple C’ waits for him.

“If Henry wants to wait for me, he can wait. Or if he wants to take the easier fight, what he thinks to be the easier fight against Sean, if he wants to go beat up Sean, go beat up Sean… I’m saying if Henry wants to wait for me, we can fight,” Sterling said on The MMA Hour. “But, if he (says) I don’t want to wait any longer, give me a fight right now, maybe they do an interim. I’m not mad at an interim, at the end of the day, an interim means both guys get paid because they are going to now have a belt and entitles to pay-per-view points. I’m in favor of anyone on pay-per-view on the main card to get pay-per-view points.”

As of right now, it is uncertain if Cejudo will wait but if he chooses to fight, an interim title fight against O’Malley would be a massive fight for both of them. As well, if he wins, as Sterling says, it would get him more money for the title fight against Sterling.

Aljamain Sterling is coming off a TKO win over TJ Dillashaw back in October to defend his bantamweight title.

Do you think Henry Cejudo should wait for Aljamain Sterling or fight Sean O’Malley?

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