Alexander Volkanovski plans to finish Max Holloway at UFC 251: “I’m sending a message”

Alex Volkanovski
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Alexander Volkanovski feels disrespected that people still continue to doubt him after winning the featherweight belt.

Back at UFC 245, Volkanovski dominated Max Holloway for five rounds to win the belt. Yet, at UFC 251 on July 11, the two will run it back. For the champ, he says it’s a chance to silence the doubters once more. But, this time he promises to finish the Hawaiian.

“This is a rematch and I’ve got something to prove right now, this is bigger than just a win,” Volkanovski told ESPN. “I don’t want to go out there and just beat him, I’ve already done that. I dominated him for five rounds last time, but they give him a rematch anyway.

“People quickly forget how I did it, there were biased opinions and commentary, everything. So I’m a little bit annoyed, I feel disrespected. I’ve got something to prove this time, I’ll put him away inside the five [rounds] this time. I guarantee you that. I’m sending a message.”

Alexander Volkanovski is currently undefeated in the UFC and if he finishes Holloway, he would just be the second person ever to do so.

Yet, for the Aussie, he says having his first title defense with no fans is a bit disappointing, he is eager to compete on Fight Island. He’s also ecstatic for the fans to hear how hard his shots truly are.

“Obviously you want to entertain and you want to hear the crowd roaring when they see these big shots and when they hear these big shots. But, there’s something special about the silence in there,” Volkanovski said. “So the people watching on at home can hear the connections, they can hear the coaches talking and see the fighters reacting; they can hear the fighters talking to each other. It’s something that I have really enjoyed, the connections that you’re hearing, the echoing through the TV and things like that, it’s pretty incredible.

“And now this is happening on Fight Island, there’s something about it,” he continued. “I’ve been saying it’s that ‘Mortal Combat s**t,’ so it’s pretty special and I can’t wait to land some of those big shots so the world can hear my connections echoing through their TVs.”

Volkanovski says he only has a six-week camp for this fight. But, he says that should be plenty to get him prepared to rematch a man he just beat six months ago.

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