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UFC Utica Results: Sam Alvey defeats Gian Villante (Highlights)

A fight between Sam Alvey and Gian Villante kicked off tonight’s UFC Fight Night 131 main card from Utica, New York.

Round one begins and Villante presses the action early. He lands a kick to the body. Alvey circles but Gian fires off another kick that connects. Alvey is moving along the fence. He throws a low kick which lands. Gian lands one of his own. Villante with a high kick which is blocked. Sam circles off of the fence. Villante continues to walk forward. He throws a jab. Alvey attempts to counter but misses. Gian with a decent right hand up the middle. He continues to press the pace on Alvey. “Smiling Sam” throws a big left that misses the mark. Villante with a leg kick and then one to the body. He appears to be very loose. A high kick partially connects for Gian. Alvey finally begins to come forward now. He can’t continue to be walked down by Villante. Gian fires off a low kick that connects to the groin of Alvey and we have a break in the action. Alvey recovers and we restart. Alvey just misses with a left hand. He throws another that connects and drops Gian. Villante pops right back up but Sam is all over him with punches. Villante survives as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Villante appears to be recovered. He fires off a low kick and then another, both of which land flush to the thigh of Alvey. Gian with a nice counter right as Alvey attempts to get inside. Gian misses with a body kick. Alvey continues to patiently wait for an opening. Villante lands a right hand over the top. He continues to press the action. Alvey fakes a left hook and then lands a low kick. He opts to circle along the fence. Villante cuts him off and lands a left hand. Villante with a nice hook. He seems to have found his range now. With that said he is still showing respect for the power of Alvey. Under one minute remains in the round. Villante with a nice combination. Alvey replies with a left hand. He comes forward with a flurry. Gian with a right hook and the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Villante charges across the octagon to meet Alvey. He lands a left hand and then misses with a body kick attempt. Sam Alvey circles along the fence. He eats a low kick from Villante. Gian with a hard body kick now. Alvey eats it and then comes forward with a low kick. Sam with a nice combination. Villante takes the center of the octagon and then comes in with a flurry. He lands a left hook. Alvey responds with a straight right. Villante circles and then lands a hard kick to the body of Alvey. Sam smiles, and then leaps in with a straight left. Under two minutes remain in the third and final round. Both men land punches in the pocket. Villante appears to have got the better of that exchange. Alvey with a nice right hand. Villante fires back with a flurry but nothing appears to land flush. One minute remains. Alvey with a wild punch that fails to find a home. Villante leaps in with a right hand that comes up short. Villante with a high kick which is blocked. Alvey lands a nice counter left. Villante pushes him against the cage and the horn sounds to end the fight.

Alvey def. Villante via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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