UFC Stockholm Results: Alexander Gustafsson KO’s Glover Teixeira (Highlights)

Alexander Gustafsson

UFC Stockholm Results: Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira

A key light heavyweight scrap between former title challengers Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira served as the main event of today’s UFC Fight Night 109 fight card in Stockholm, Sweden.

Round one begins and Gustafsson misses with a spinning back kick to start. Alexander is utilizing a lot of movement early. He lands a chopping low kick. Glover gets inside and works some uppercuts. He grabs a hold of the Swedish star and dumps him on his back. Gustafsson quickly scrambles and gets back up to his feet. Glover is trying to close the distance and Alex keeps circling away. Gustafsson snaps a left jab. He follows that up with an uppercut. Gustafsson circles out and then comes forward with a left hook. He follows that up with a hard inside low kick. Glover continues to press forward. He eats and accidental eye poke from “The Mauler”. The referee steps in and stops the action. We restart and Gustafsson is able to score with a hard uppercut. Glover is chasing him down here but just can’t seem to connect. Another nice combination lands for Alexander. Glover fires back with a hard combination of his own. He ducks in for a single leg but cannot secure the takedown. Alex breaks free and literally runs to the opposite side of the cage. He then comes forward with a combination. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Glover lands a left jab to start. He presses forward but eats an elbow from Alexander. Both men lands shots to the body. Glover is bleeding from his nose, Gustafsson from his eye. The fighters continue to trade. Gustafsson turns and runs as Glover chases after him. Alexander finds a spot in the cage he likes and decides to reengage. He comes forward with a punch and then an uppercut and then a hook and Glover is down on the floor. Gus is all over him here but Glover is able to wall walk against the cage and stand back up. The fighters continue to trade blows in the center of the cage. Teixeira goes to the body with a punch and once again Gustafsson turns and runs. Round two comes to an end.

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Round three begins and Gustafsson lands a hard low kick to start things off. He circles and then comes in with a combination that ends up flooring Teixeira. Alexander quickly jumps on him ground and pound. Big punches and elbows from the top by “The Mauler”. Glover is taking some serious punishment. Still, he is able to scramble free and get back to his feet. Gustafsson has Glover pressed against the fence. He scores a trip and winds up in half guard. Teixeira is able to work his way back up and this time he breaks free. Glover just misses with a right hand. Alexander comes in with a pair of uppercuts, both of which just miss the mark. Gustafsson comes in with a knee and then a left hand. He scores with another uppercut. Glover smiles and signals for him to come forward. Gus does just that and lands a hard low kick. Round three comes to an end.

Round four begins and Gustafsson starts things off with a pair of kicks, one low and one to the body. Glover presses forward but eats a shot to the body for his troubles. Teixeira returns fire with a hard body kick. Gus replies with a right hand that lands. The fighters battle inside the clinch and Gus lands a pair of hard elbows. Alexander has the Brazilian bomber pressed against the cage now. He works a foot stomp and then a couple of knees to the thigh. They break and Glover presses forward and lands a couple of shots inside. Alexander circles and then comes in and lands a massive uppercut. Glover has one hell of a chin. Good kicks from “The Mauler” now. He scores with a left hand. Glover replies with a right hand. Alexander returns fire with a hard combination. Teixeira is all sorts of busted up now. Round four comes to an end.

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Round five begins and Glover needs the finish. He comes forward with a push kick. The fighters each lands lefts. Glover leans in and scores with a hard right. He eats a massive counter uppercut from Alex and is rocked. Another hard shot from Gustafsson and Glover is on queer street. A second uppercut sends Glover crashing to the canvas and this one is all over! What a finish!

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