Post-fight, Derrick Lewis continues to accuse Travis Browne of violence against women

By Tom Taylor - February 20, 2017

Back in June 2015, UFC heavyweight Travis Browne’s ex-wife Jenna Renee Webb took to Instagram to share photos of her bruised body. She suggested these bruises were dealt by Browne, and shortly thereafter, announced that she was considering pressing charges against him.

Derrick Lewis

As a result of this grim development, the UFC temporarily shelved Browne, and barred him from that year’s International Fight Week events. After an independent investigation, however, the organization decided their was insufficient evidence against Browne, and opted to reinstate him.

Now almost two years later, Browne is still being reminded of this shadowy incident – most recently by his UFC Halifax opponent Derrick Lewis.

Lewis mentioned the allegations against Browne several times in his pre-fight interviews, and surprisingly, referenced it once more just minutes after he clobbered Browne into unconsciousness in the UFC Halifax main event.

“I just knew I had bigger heart than him,” Lewis told Octagon commentator Brian Stann moments after his win. “He calls himself a man but he likes to put his hands on women, so forget that guy, I’ve got much more heart than he has.”

Lewis then re-upped on these statements during his post-fight press conference. When asked for his thoughts on the widespread belief that referee let the fight go on too long, Lewis said he was glad he had the chance to land a few extra punches on Browne. He even offered to pay the referee $1,000 for this controversial delayed stoppage.

“I appreciate [the late stoppage]” Lewis said. “Where’s [the referee] at? I’ll give him $1,000. I appreciate it for letting the fight go a little longer than it would, because I just want to get all my anger out on Travis’ face anyway, because he likes to hit on women. So I appreciate him for doing that.”

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