UFC 219 Results: Cris Cyborg defeats Holly Holm (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - December 30, 2017

A women’s featherweight title fight between current champion Cris Cyborg and former bantamweight title holder Holly Holm served as the main event of tonight’s UFC 219 fight card in Las Vegas.

Cris Cyborg

Round one begins and the chants of “Holly” quickly fill the arena. She lands a right hook to start things off. Cyborg presses forward but Holly connects with a kick. Cris shoots in for a takedown but Holly shrugs her off and then decides to press the Brazilian up against the fence. Cris breaks free and then lands a heavy right hand that appears to stun Holly. Holm retreats and circles off the fence. Cyborg catches her with a hard low kick. Holly is on her bike now. She circles away but then leaps in with a combination that lands. Cyborg continues to press the action. She eats a left but just smiles at Holm for her efforts. Cris with a big outside low kick. Holly leaps in with a combination that lands. The fighters clinch against the cage. Cyborg with a knee. Holm decides to break the hold. She circles out. Cris with a big right over the top. Holm clinches up and pushes her against the cage. The ladies break and Holly lands a jab followed by a head kick that partially connects. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Holm rattles off a combination. Cyborg with a nice right hand. She follows that up with a low kick. Holm leaps in with a combination. That was wild. Cyborg just misses landing a nasty counter. She follows that up with a body kick that scores. Holm with a side kick followed by a left hand. She needs more of that. The fighters clinch and Holly lands a knee. Cyborg breaks free and lands a pair of low kicks. Holly quickly gets back in the clinch and then lands a nice right hand on the break. Cyborg might be getting a little frustrated here. Holly once again clinches up and pushes Cyborg against the cage. Both ladies land knees from the position. Cyborg is being forward to work here. This strategy could payoff for Holm in the later rounds. Cyborg presses forward after breaking free from the clinch. She lands a low kick and then one to the body. Holly shoots in for a takedown but the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Holm comes forward with a head kick that misses the mark. Cyborg shoots in and gets under-hooks. The fighters clinch up and Cyborg lands a nasty knee. Holm breaks free and then leaps in with a combination. Cyborg counters with a right hand that just misses the mark. Holm is utilizing a lot of movement. Still, Cyborg is able to catch her with a right hand followed by a knee to the body. Holm with a left hand, Cyborg replies with a low kick. Holm with a nice right hand and then just misses with a high kick. Cris returns fire with a high kick of her own that also fails to connect. Cyborg is pressing the action. She connects with a low kick and then a right hand. Holly returns fire with a side kick. She circles off the fence and then lands a nice low kick on Justino. Cyborg shoots in and presses Holly against the cage. Holm quickly breaks free. Cyborg with a nasty kick to the body. She follows that up with a right hand. That hurt Holly. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four begins and Holm lands a nice left hand to start things off. Cyborg replies with a crisp right hand up the middle. Cris with a low kick. She goes high but Holly blocks it. Holm is wearing the punishment now. She is bruised and bloodied. Cyborg with another nasty kick to the body. Holm with a combination but both punches fail to connect. Another good kick from Cyborg. She presses forward and her and Holly clinch up. Holm with a knee but Cyborg just charges forward with a combination. She lands a crisp jab on the former bantamweight champion of the world. Holly retreats. The horn sounds to end round four.

Round five begins and Holly Holm lands a nice kick to the body to start. Holly likely needs a finish here. She leaps in with a combination but Cyborg does a good job to avoid the strikes. Cris circles and then lands a pair of solid low kicks. The ladies clinch and Holm lands a knee. After a brief exchange Cyborg breaks free and proceeds to lands a kick to the body. Holly tries to fire back with a high kick but Cyborg saw it all the way. Cris with a big kick to the body followed by a right hand. Holm is trying to fire off combinations but her punches continue to come up short. Cyborg with a right hand. Holly replies with a left. Cyborg eats that and then lands another hard right. Holm with a left hand. That hurt Cyborg who is now cut and bleeding. The ladies clinch against the fence. Holly needs to break free. She doesn’t and this fight is going to decision.

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