Travis Browne will not have Edmond Tarverdyan in his corner for UFC Halifax bout against Derrick Lewis

By Russell Ess - February 17, 2017

A hard-hitting main event matchup between two UFC heavyweights takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada this weekend.

#8 UFC ranked heavyweight Derrick Lewis takes on #9 ranked Travis Browne as the two sluggers attempt to make a statement to the rest of the heavyweight division.

Travis Browne vs. Derrick Lewis headlines UFC Halifax fight card

Browne, who has faced some criticism after leaving the JacksonWink MMA team to join his girlfriend Ronda Rousey at Edmond Tarverdyan’s Glendale Fighting Club apparently will not have Tarverdyan in his corner for his fight against Lewis, according to Mike Bohn.

However, Browne stated recently that Tarverdyan is still one of his coaches, despite doing his training camp in Las Vegas to get more heavyweight training partners.

“All of sudden it’s ‘he ditched Edmond, he’s training at Black House, no he’s training at Blackzilians!’ No, he’s training with Master Splinter in the freaking sewers. To me, it’s like are you kidding me guys? They took one picture of me wrestling with somebody at the Blackzilians and it’s like the world’s come to an end or something,” Browne said on a recent Fight Society podcast episode (transcribed by FOX Sports). “It’s really funny.”

With or without Taverdyan or Master Splinter in his corner, Browne is focused only on winning this fight after facing some adversity in his last two contests.

Travis Browne

“Besides every fight being important, I’m coming off the first two-fight skid of my career. It’s not where I want to be or where I envisioned myself being but it’s where I’m at,” Browne stated. “I’m going to throw everything, even the kitchen sink at this guy.

“He has my full attention. He’s called me out numerous times, it wasn’t the first time. It’s a huge fight for myself and my career and it means everything to me. I’m not involved in this sport to be in second place. I’m out there to have a letter next to my name, not a number.”

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This article first appeared on 2/17/2017.