Stipe Miocic explains how his family would react if he pulled Conor McGregor’s Brooklyn stunt

Stipe Miocic, Jake Paul, Logan Paul

Earlier this month, MMA superstar Conor McGregor flew to Brooklyn, New York, and ran amok inside the UFC 223 host venue. The Irishman’s rampage reached a violent crescendo when he threw a dolly threw the window a shuttle bus carrying a number of UFC 223 fighters, injuring Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa.

In the wake of this event, many notable fighters have chimed in to give their take on the madness. Some, unsurprisingly, scolded McGregor severely. Others, meanwhile, were more understanding of his actions. And then there’s UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, who simply assured he’d never act the way McGregor did, because his wife and his mother would kill him if he did.

“Yeah, I would never do that,” Miocic told ESPN’s Get Up! this week (transcribed by MMAFighting). Like, to that point. I understand that he was trying to back his boy up, but also I understand you can’t be doing that,” Miocic said. “People got hurt. I’m constant, I’m always doing the right thing, that’s the way I was raised.”

“And if I did that, honestly, my mom would destroy me. My wife would kill me. Like, who do you think you are? I would never do anything like that, I would just be who I am. I would do it a different way.”

Stipe Miocic will return to the Octagon at UFC 226 on July 7, when he battles reigning UFC light heavyweight king Daniel Cormier. He also discussed this fight during his trip to the ESPN studio.

“There’s a lot of concerns with Daniel,” he said. “He’s an amazing fighter, he’s fought heavyweight before. He’s undefeated actually at heavyweight, but he hasn’t fought heavyweight in a while and he hasn’t fought anyone like me yet.”

What do you think of Stipe Miocic’s take on the Conor McGregor situation?

This article first appeared on on 4/18/2018.

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