Video | Sean Strickland responds to comments from Ian Machado Garry’s wife Layla

By Cole Shelton - March 20, 2024

Sean Strickland has fired back at Ian Machado Garry’s wife, Layla over her recent comments.

Sean Strickland and Layla Machado Garry

Layla took to social media to address some lies that people have been spreading about her and Ian. In her post, she called out the former UFC middleweight champion in Strickland, who she accused as spreading most of them.

“Step back up, Sean Strickland, a man who’s unlikely to be okay with the Shakespearean English he unwittingly used when calling Ian a cuck. First penned in the story of Othello, the word cuckold refers to the fear of a man who’s been betrayed by his wife. Sean Strickland has been talking an awful lot about Ian Gary’s wife. I’ve been called a sexual predator, a pedophile, an abuser all by the man who alleges he suffered that exact abuse as a child growing up,” Layla said about Strickland.

“In the Shakespearean classic, Iago tells Othello about Desdemona’s adultery and he blindly believes the rumors. It’s serendipity and not merely coincidental that Iago was lying. There was no truth to the story at all. Othello, like the crowd at UFC 298, was cruelly misled by Iago’s jealousy and insecurities. Othello was never the cuckold he was called. His wife was never an adulteress. And notably, when the lies were exposed, Iago was taken away to be tortured and killed. Thank you, Shakespeare,” Layla continued about Sean Strickland.

Now, following Layla’s post, Sean Strickland took to his social media account to respond to her comments.

“Alright, you talk about me, I’ll give what you want, attention. I don’t want to call you by your name because if we know anything about demons, the moment you start using their name it gives them power and that’s all you want right, power and attention. This is why you talk about me, when you post a picture and you get those fake f*****g plastic titties in that tiny little dress and you realize, I’m an old lady, nobody wants to see me half naked in a dress. You think to yourself, how can I get the attention that I want? How can I get what I want? You talk about me, you bring my f*****g name up,” Sean Strickland said.

“You’ve never done anything; you’ve never accomplished anything. The only thing that you’ve done is to seduce famous men. Let me tell you why you are such a despicable person. Everybody is gone and have forgotten about this, we’ve accepted you as disgusting as that may seem and you bring this back up and tarnish your husband’s name just because that demon inside you wants attention,” Sean Strickland added.

Sean Strickland and Layla Machado Garry do not see eye-to-eye, so it isn’t a surprise that the former middleweight champ chose to issue a video response.