Sean Strickland reveals UFC vetoed Jake Paul boxing match: “You let Conor McGregor fight Mayweather”

By Josh Evanoff - February 12, 2024

If UFC middleweight Sean Strickland fights Jake Paul, it won’t be in a ring or a cage.

Sean Strickland and Jake Paul

Late last week, ‘Tarzan’ was seen sparring with popular Rumble streamer, Sneako. The influencer has been training in boxing for a while and faced Sean Strickland at the UFC Apex. Predictably, the former middleweight champion battered him, bloodying up Sneako and continuing to throw punches after the towel was thrown in.

The incident seemingly got on the nerves of Jake Paul. ‘The Problem Child’ targeted Sean Strickland on social media after clips of the sparring session went viral. On X, the YouTuber-turned-boxer offered Strickland $1,000,000 to box him. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening.

Earlier today, Sean Strickland released a YouTube video, responding to Jake Paul. There, the former UFC middleweight champion revealed that he spoke to the company about facing the YouTuber in a boxing match. However, they shot the idea down, as Paul doesn’t sell pay-per-views.

However, the former champion did offer Jake Paul the opportunity to spar with him in Las Vegas. Sean Strickland added that he doesn’t need a check to do so, and would do it for free. However, as far as a professionally sanctioned fight is concerned, that won’t be happening.


UFC middleweight Sean Strickland opens up on facing Jake Paul in a boxing match

“I actually talked to Hunter, I was like, Hunter, I will fight this man. You let Conor McGregor fight [Floyd] Mayweather, this is an easier fight. Easier money. Can I do that?” Sean Strickland stated on his YouTube channel earlier today. “Hunter explained to me that he no sells no fights. When they have fights, they give away tickets, he doesn’t make money. His target audience is children, and they don’t buy pay-per-views. So, a little depressing, because I thought to myself ‘I’ll take a payday beating up this f*cking man’, seems easy enough.”

He continued, “But sadly, Jake Paul is an influencer, he sells to children. Children don’t buy pay-per-views, so, I don’t know man. Get some adults to follow you, and we will fight. So here’s the thing Jake Paul, you clearly know I can’t fight you. You know this, the UFC knows this, we all know this. That me and you can’t fight. But, what we can do, you can get in your fancy plane and fly your ass to Vegas and we can have a little powwow.”

“You know as well as I know, what happens in that.” Sean Strickland concluded. “I’ll do it for free, I don’t need a check, I don’t need to live stream it. I will do it for free sir. So if that’s something you want, you want to show everyone how big and hard that d*ck is, [fight me].”

What do you make of these comments from the former UFC champion? Do you have any interest in seeing Sean Strickland and Jake Paul sparring?

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