VIDEO | Nick Diaz to Conor McGregor: “Why are you hitting kids with bottles? That’s f*cked up!”

By Chris Taylor - August 17, 2016

When UFC featherweight champion finally arrived at today’s UFC 202 press conference in Las Vegas it did not take long for things to get heated between himself and Team Diaz.

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“Mystic Mac” issued the following statement “bring the clinch, bring the jiu jitsu, bring the whole f*cking Stockton! I’m ready for whatever he (Nate) has to bring” and things quickly escalated.

Shortly after that statement, Nate left the podium and walked over to be with his team while flipping off McGregor. Conor fired back at Diaz on the microphone telling him to “f*ck off and get out of here”. That is when the water bottle and energy drink throwing began and all hell literally broke loose.

Shortly after the incident, Nate’s older brother Nick Diaz (who was involved in the mayhem) took to social media where he went off on Conor McGregor for hitting a young fan with a bottle at the press conference. Check it out (via Chamatkar Sandhu):

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