VIDEO | Nate Diaz and team storm press conference, cause massive incident

By bjpenndotcom - August 17, 2016

Wednesday afternoon at the UFC 202 press conference, Conor McGregor told Nate Diaz to bring his entire team to the event.

This prompted Nate Diaz to walk-out mid press conference, and return with his team, including his brother Nick Diaz.

The Stockton team stormed into the press conference, yelling verbal insults at Conor McGregor, who remained on stage. McGregor then told the Diaz brothers that they wouldn’t do anything, and they should leave his press conference.

This prompted Nate Diaz to throw his water bottle across the room at McGregor, who then began grabbing items off stage and throwing them at the Diaz team, who all began throwing things at McGregor while UFC President Dana White attempted to control the situation.

UFC exec Dave Sholler grabbed Conor McGregor, preventing him from rushing Diaz’ team as White informed those in attendance that the press conference was over.

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